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Fashionable, African waist beads handmade in Ghana  (West Africa).

Waist Beads- Strawberry banana

  • Jewlery items are returnable only in original condition and within 7 day.  The original cost minus shipping will be refunded.  

  • Ghanaian waist beads are one of the most commonly replicated items of personal adornment worn by Ghanaian people. Traditionally, multiple strands of colored beads made from seeds, hard plastics or glass are worn around a woman's waist to draw attention to, and enhance her femininity. But, they also have other meanings. In Ashante and Krobo cultures, mothers present waist beads to their daughters to mark their coming of age. Once a daughter reaches sexual maturity, larger beads may be added. Modernly, Waist Beads also serve as a weight control tool. If the beads roll up the waist, this is an indication to lose weight!

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